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March 6, 2013
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Lara Croft - Just... Survive. by Dannith Lara Croft - Just... Survive. by Dannith
I'm very tired, my eyes and right hand no longer have the strength ...
this will be my last entry ... I really enjoyed doing this drawing,really enjoyed it, despite all the work ...

Well, good luck to all and a big hug!
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I really appreciate your opinion Paws4! really! :)
I believe that I should engage and continue with my hand drawings / pencil
and improve my line and color in PS....

His criticism is always welcome, thanks again!
This is truly striking pencil and ink work. It's not what I'd be looking for as any of in-game, game box/manual or game advertising art. That's all that's negative about it though, is that it's not something that's of use in selling a game.

Your understanding of draftsmanship and shading is excellent, and the use of the black ink for deep shadow and red for lips and blood as well as red for the lettering adds impact to the piece. In fact, I'd suggest that this might make a better book cover for a novelisation (if there were one) than a full colour picture would.

Turning to your "Toph Beifong" piece that you've coloured, I can see the same standards of draftsmanship and understanding of light and shade in the colour work. The tones clearly aren't fully realistic, but the picture has a nice colour Anime/Manga feel to it, and would stand on that level if not against the competition semi-finalists as realism.
Thanks Majinamoz!
It would be really cool to work with comics, but my dream is to do conceptual art, but accepted the work that comes in the drawing area.

I still have to work to pay bills :)
Here in Brazil there are many talented designers, it is a pity that in Brazil it does not own is properly valued.
you are talented now its been a year since i found you on this site i hope you gotten a job in comics your style is amazing you should be making money at it
leon5022 Mar 11, 2013  Student Artist
=) that looks great
Waveloop Mar 9, 2013   Digital Artist
... Brazil :) eu sou Português. Continua estás no bom caminho. :D
Waveloop Mar 9, 2013   Digital Artist
this should be pretty easy to color in photoshop. I say color cuz the way you did it don´t leave to much room to actual painting. You should give it a go, and experiment on PS or any other software. It looks gorgeous though. Really cool
jessikitkat Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
great take on tomb raider concept!
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